Systems Architecture.

Requirements Engineering.

Data Transformation.

Who we are and what we do

moosystems is a Germany-based consulting and software development company located near Cologne and Dusseldorf with customers in many parts of the world.

We focus on media management solutions, especially for broadcasters and post-production companies who manage large amounts of video assets.

We design solutions to manage your media and help you migrate and transform your existing media and metadata to your new systems.

In past projects we have helped develop custom content management solutions, where we worked as

In all these roles we have helped define and build new products and systems.

We are specialized in data migration and digital transformation in media environments and have quite a bit of experience in designing and building things like

Things that are important to us

Over the years working in technology-driven projects, we digged more and more into Team Organization. What makes a team build great solutions? We love the technology part of our projects, and we also know that a project is driven by the team and its environment. We help building great teams.

Digital Transformation. To us that means shifting workflows onto platforms which can dynamically be adapted to changing requirements of your business. Want to distribute your content to a new partner starting next week to monetize your assets? Want to work with new file formats from ingest to linear playout and non-linear distribution? Map external metadata produced by new business partners to your assets? Digital transformation is more than using software to manage your workflows. It's about being able to adapt quickly to extend your business.

Agility. Transforming your business processes into digital processes happens to enable quicker adaptation to changes which allows your company exploring new markets early. Agility is based on a mindset which makes you find better ideas and processes and requires a trusted environment to let you try out better ways of work. While creating such environments of trust is a challenge for every company, managing your processes using Scrum is the easier part of becoming an agile team. By estimating planned work and looking back once it's done in a retro meeting, you get a good idea how much work your team can do, and by splitting your work into short sprints with regular releases you can adapt to changing requirements quickly and get early feedback to investigate if you are on the right track.

Media Management. For most creative people, managing your media is as boring as declaring your taxes. And still, everyone needs to make sure you don't lose valuable information and have enough space available on your working disks. We are very much into handling these processes without users needing to think much about it. Therefore lots of our tools are archive, backup and migration tools.

We love Documentation. Not only when it's written by others. It's similar to test-driven development: test-driven development means that your code quality increases as you think of everything that can go wrong even before you write code and then make sure that the foreseen is being considered. We think of documentation in a very similar way. Therefore we start writing the docs before we start building anything and get early feedback to see if we are on the right track instead of building the wrong thing. And while we are building things we can measure them using the docs. And update the docs with more details, so that you don't depend on us once the project has finished.

Decisions. The quicker you are in taking decisions, the faster you can develop a solution. We also like to get into detail, so we always try to find the perfect balance between speed and quality of decision making.

Knowledge Sharing. We've published lots of information explaining archiving or e.g. packaging Django apps as native macOS bundles. We have released lots of Open Source code and documentation and think that sharing knowledge saves us all some time which we can better spend on innovation instead of re-inventing the wheel.

Areas of Knowledge

Some areas of knowledge we can bring into your project:

If you think our offerings might be valuable for your next project, too, we would be very happy to hear from you.

Some of the things we've done

We have been working with vendors like Apple, Archiware, Cantemo, axle Video, Quantum and Vidispine to write some glue to connect their systems to others.

We have helped develop software as product owner, product manager or requirements engineer at companies like ConSol*, ProSieben and Axel Springer.

We have worked on projects like RTL's formula 1 production, media migrations at BBC, the Guardian, and many more. And we would like to work with you, too.