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FCSvr to medialoopster

Migrate media and metadata from Final Cut Server to medialoopster

Together with our friends at nachtblau in Hamburg, Germany, we are working on a data migration tool, which migrates data from Final Cut Server to their MAM solution medialoopster. If you don't know medialoopster, yet, please head over to their website and watch the videos.

The tool migrates original media, metadata and previews and can even migrate data from Final Cut Server, which have been archived using the Open Source Tool fiprecon and Archiware P5 Archive. Without the need to restore these data during migration!

One of the (many) great features medialoopster provides is the built-in support for Archiware P5 Archive. This makes it very easy to migrate your existing MAM environment including your P5 Archive to medialoopster.

While our default tool migrates data from Final Cut Server, migration from most other MAM systems or other sources can be done, too.

Please get in touch with us to discuss this.

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