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FCSvr to axle

Migrate media and metadata from Final Cut Server to axle

moosystems' axle Migration enables you to migrate your existing Final Cut Server environment to axle.

Axle is a radically simple asset management solution, which is very easy to set up, runs on a Mac mini and is extremely cost effective. Despite its low price it provides you with out-of-the box review and approval workflows, annotations and comprehensive video and file format support, to name a few features.

If you haven't seen axle in action before, head over to their website to learn more about it.


Our axle Migration is radically simple, too:

Axle can now pick up your proxy files and thumbnails, so that you will not need to regenerate them. It will also pick up the information contained within the xml files, and that's the whole workflow!
This way you transfer all Final Cut Server metadata to axle, including dropdown menus and annotations.

Important note: During the migration we assume that you preserve the filesystem structure within each given Final Cut Server volume. If you need to split a Final Cut Server volume into two or rearrange your folder structure, please migrate your data first and then use axle to restructure your data. If you rearrange your data before the migration, we are still able to migrate your data, but this will be a bit more work.

Please get in touch with axle to receive pricing information, reseller conditions and technical details as we sell this service through axle only.

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