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Archiware P5 Archive: Dedicate Drive to Data Restore

Dedicate tape drives to restore processes to accelerate media restore

If you are using Archiware P5 Archive to archive your media on tape, in busy environments with multiple archive and restore processes taking place at the same time, users have a more urgent need to restore data than to archive data.

Meaning if you work on a news story and need material from the archive, you need the material to be online again as soon as possible. At the same time, in most situations it doesn't matter much if an archive process happens right now or a few hours later.

This is how you set this up in P5 Archive:


To make this work, you need at least two tape drives in your tape library.

If this is the case, go to Archive -> Media Management -> Pools in your P5 user interface, select the pool you use in your archive job and choose "General Setup".

Now add all drives but one to the "Use selected drives only" list. All these drives will be used for writing, while the remaining drive will be reserved for read processes (as long as it hasn't been added to the write list of another pool in P5).

If you need even more probability of fast restore processes, add only a single drive to your pool list, so that only one drive will be used for archiving, while all remaining drives would be used for restore processes.

The more drives you got, the more restore processes can happen in parallel.

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