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Archiving done right with Final Cut Pro X

Part 1: Archiving with FCPX and Archiware P5 Archive App

In this article we will set up the free demo version of Archiware P5 Archive and the P5 Archive App to archive and restore a library from within Final Cut Pro X using a custom share destination plugin.

This makes archiving as easy as it can be, PLUS it makes all your valuable metadata you set up in FCPX searchable inside P5 Archive, which allows to easily locate your files inside the archive and restore a complete library to any machine on your network.

Supported Final Cut Pro X versions at the time of this writing are 10.1.4 to 10.3. As this is about integrating with Apple's Final Cut Pro X, the following installation takes place on a Mac (macOS Sierra in this case, but older versions down to OS X 10.9 are supported, too). You can install the server on Windows, Linux or UNIX, too.

What you will get

Let's first have a look at how the final solution looks. That makes it easier for you to decide if you want to follow the instructions later on. Here's a short ;-) 13 minute video that explains all the archiving details. Should be watched in fullscreen mode:

What you see in the video is that all the media and metadata you manage inside FCPX will be transferred to your archive and you can search for these data to locate your clips in the archive.

You can also archive and restore data from within the Finder, as described in the video, too. If this sounds interesting to you, please proceed to the next page to build this workflow.

Part 2: Basic P5 Archive Setup

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